What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing sessions can be very effective at reducing stress levels, headaches, pain and so much more! For centuries, crystals have been used around the world. Crystals are formed in the earth’s crust and all vibrate at a certain frequency and contain unique healing properties. The stones raise our vibration to match their own helping us to restore balance and release congestion throughout our body/ energy centers (chakras) to promote healing.


What Happens During a Crystal Healing Session?

During a crystal healing session, the practitioner will place gemstones on and around your body including your chakras. The gemstones will be activated by the practitioner to strengthen their healing properties to assist with balancing your body and releasing areas of congestion. A crystal session is very soothing and relaxing which allows for healing on all levels of being. There are specific Crystal layouts to choose from that will target the areas you would like to work on.

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Crystal Healing layouts 

I offer many different layouts to meet your specific needs. Please choose one of the healing layouts below! Please note that in order for these layouts to be effective and not overwhelming for your body, only one area of concern will be worked on per session.


Crystal Healing layouts

1. Boosting Energy
Increases energy levels and willpower!

2. Sleep/Insomnia Release
Can’t stop your mind from thinking? Having a hard time falling asleep or waking up often during the night?

3. Panic/Fear/Anxiety
Are you stressed, anxious, worried, doubting yourself or obsessing?

4. Digestive
Do you have digestive upset, gallstone, IBS, ulcers, or bowel issues?

5. Grief/Depression & Mood
Have you experienced a loss, feeling depressed or sad?

6. Heart Comforting
Great for relationship healing of all kinds! Feeling rejected, abandoned or have unhealthy relationships? This layout brings peace to troubled mind/heart.

7. Brain Enhance
For mental performance, improves memory, concentration and creativity

8. Immune System
Restores overall body strength and health, provides healing for colds, the flu and other infections 

9. AuraCleanser
Strengthens Aura, removes negativity, replenishes energy when feeling depleted.

10. Fertility (for men/women)
Boosts fertility, increase sex drive, etc.

11. Pain Relief
To release pain due to arthritis, cramps, torn muscles, etc.

12. Migraine/Headache
Soothes tension and stress to relieve headaches.