Selection of Essences for Animals

Close observation of the signs of emotional and energetic imbalances, along with behavioural and physical problems, usually provides a clear indication of which essences to use. The essences are gentle, energetic formulations, and since you know the animals in your care best, trust your intuition to guide you in the selection of the best essences to give.

How to Administer Animal Care Essences

Animals readily accept the essences since they are colorless, odourless and tasteless. The recommended standard does is to add 11 drops to smaller water containers or 22 drops to larger water containers, twice or more daily, or add drops to your hand and rub into the hair, fleece or fur of your animal.

Animal Responses to the Essences

  • A fast response in a crisis situation, the lessening of signs of distress

  • A gradual and incremental response in chronic, deep-seated traumas or ingrained behaviours

  • An overnight response in acute, but non-emergency situations

  • An overall improvement, a greater sense of well-being and comfort

  • In general, positive and incremental changes accumulate over time

  • Deeper and longer-lasting results are likely if an essence is used daily for one month or more


Animal Care Essences

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